Mohammad Sharif plays cricket.

But his game is unusual, he has no legs and the right hand. He lost them when he came in contact with a high-voltage wire.

If he had the legs and arm, he is confident he could bowl better than Wasim Akram and bat better than Sachin Tendulkar.

In impoverish Bangladesh, he has no takers but loads of supporters with whom he has formed a cricket team. According to the Daily Star newspaper of Dhaka, Sharif, 15, from Chittagong is a cricket-maniac from an early age.

Today, Sharif, who is an all-rounder, is the captain of a local team which includes children from his neighbourhood at Mazharbari, Kamalgate. They play every Friday.

“I can bat like Tamim and smack sixes outside the boundary-line, I can turn the ball like Shakib and get wickets and I can field like Nasir and restrict the opposition from scoring,” Sharif told the newspaper with a hint of pride.

“I have to perform in all the departments. After all I am the captain of the side and I have to lead them like Mushfiqur [Rahim],” he adds.

1 Sometimes, he picks up some crucial wickets as well. And then, with the bat, which is almost as tall as him, he dispatched many a deliveries to the boundary like an accomplished T20 cricketer.

According to the paper Sharid is the second among two brothers and two sisters. Cashless, he dropped out of school when he was in class three.

He now helps his father out in his business.

He also sells fruits in his region to help out his family. But of all the activities that he engages in, it is the game of cricket played every Friday for which Sharif truly lives.